These Standard Terms are effective from August 2014 and supersede all previous Standard Terms issued. These standard terms apply to all assignments undertaken by You for Us.
All Models on submitting any images via any media whatsoever to Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or Kiddiwinks, give all reproduction rights to Us and in doing so lawfully accepts and abides by all the terms and conditions set and modified at any time by Us.
Assignment means the services to be provided by You to the Client.
Client means the person, firm or corporate body requiring your services through Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or
. Kiddiwinks.
Payment Terms means within 15 days of receiving full payment from the Client.
Expenses means such expenses as are authorised by the Client and supported by original receipts/vouchers.
We, us or our means Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or Kiddiwinks of 17 Kersey Drive, South Croydon, CR2 8SX.
You or your means the model to be supplied through Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or Kiddiwinks on assignment with Client.
Confirmation means the document defining the name of the client, the nature of the assignment, client contact details,
. timescales and assignment location.

An Assignment, which has been accepted by a Model through Us, must then be fulfilled through Us. Beautiful Bumps Ltd and Kiddiwinks do not guarantee any such work;

You undertake not at any time in the future, to contact in anyway whatsoever, any clients introduced through Us in any capacity whatsoever without the written consent of Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or Kiddiwinks.

2. Telephone Contract
We will offer work as a conditional verbal contract over the telephone/by email. On accepting You are liable to fulfil this contract. Where and when possible this contract will be verified by Us via email prior to the assignment. A Confirmation will be sent.
3. You agree
In your capacity as a Model to ensure that each Assignment is fulfilled to the Client’s order and satisfaction and to be punctual for each assignment;
In your capacity as a Model to ensure that you possess the specified wardrobe and accessories, if previously agreed;
You will bear any extra costs which are incurred as a result of a breach of the previous two statements;
To inform us immediately if the Client fails to provide any facilities to enable you to perform the Assignment;
In your capacity as a Model working through Us to perform the assignment within the timescales defined by the Client as laid out in the Confirmation sent by Us;
That you will not bring Us into disrepute and will be a professional representative of Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or Kiddiwinks at all times.

4. You warrant that
You have not been convicted of any criminal offence which would be likely to result in a potential employer refusing to employ you nor is any charge pending for such an offence;
You are authorised to provide work services in the European Union and, where appropriate, hold a valid work permit.
5. You agree not to
During or after this Agreement divulge to any party or use for your own benefit any information capable of being confidential relating to the affairs, business or business method of us or the Client;
Use any facilities provided to you by the Client for any purpose other than is authorised by the Client;
6. You acknowledge and agree that
You are not entitled to any payment if you do not attend an assignment except to the extent specifically required by law;
During periods when you are not engaged on an Assignment your engagement with us is temporarily suspended and you may work for any other person or company;
We shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of any representation made by the Client;
You must give 24 hours notice to Us to withdraw from an assignment, which has been booked by a Client. An exception to this condition is if You have been advised to withdraw from the assignment by a health professional due to health issues;
You shall not be entitled to any benefits of any kind except such as are specifically imposed by statute.
7. Obligations
We may from time to time find work for you, but do not guarantee that any such work will be found or provided to you and we do not accept any liability if we do not locate any such work for you; Further we accept no liability if the work is not suitable, and we accept no liability for the actions, torts or breach of contract or obligation by the Client.
8. Payment
You will be notified and contacted over the telephone/email by Us with the rate of payment for a particular assignment in advance of your acceptance of that assignment:
We will not be liable if rates of payment are not maintained by the Client.
We will notify you when the client has paid and upon receipt of an invoice from you, payment will be made to your nominated account. Payment will not be made by Beautiful Bumps Ltd and/or Kiddiwinks without full payment from the client;
We will not be liable for any outstanding fees in the event of indefinite delayed payment by the Client for whatever reason;
You are personally responsible for the payment of Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and other statutory deductions and where appropriate Value Added Tax. We will not be liable for any failures to complete any of the above mentioned. All claims for expenses must be supported by the relevant receipts/vouchers.
9. Termination
The assignment may be terminated by Us or the Client without notice.
We are not liable for any costs claims proceedings or losses due to the cancellation of an assignment. We will endeavour to reclaim some/all of the costs incurred by You from the Client, although this cannot be guaranteed whatsoever.
10. It is further agreed that
We are not your employer, any implied duty on the part of us as if we were your employer is excluded and nothing in this agreement shall imply or is intended to imply that there exists between you and us a contract of employment. This Agreement is a temporarywork contract for services only, and in particular neither Party has any obligation to provide to, or carry out work for, the other following completion of an Assignment.